Eberle is a leading European brand focused on the manufacturing of energy efficient residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning controls. Manufactured in Nürnberg, Germany, Eberle has over 80 years of experience and prides itself on reliability, quality, short delivery times technical excellence and sustainable production.

Eberle has an ongoing research and development programme, which actively sets market trends and exploits new technology in order to introduce new innovative products and features. This is designed to make the products easier to use for both installers and end users, in providing total heating control, which will suit any lifestyle and heating system.

Eberle is committed to optimising energy efficiency within the home and commercial buildings. The wireless range of products offer solutions to the changing needs of the homeowner with the added benefit of being easy to install and easy to use.

Integrated in-country teams control the total product life-cycle whilst its accredited EU manufacturing facility (ISO 9000, UL and VD registered, Six Sigma) and warehousing ensure flexible product availability and enhanced response times for customers needs. 
Eberle’s dedicated team of sales engineers’ extensive product and application knowledge is complemented by industry-leading “after-sales” support and technical help.


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